Our Presenters and Educators Beekeeping Experts

Our panel of experts includes Entomology professors, Master Beekeepers and a wide range of beekeeping wisdom. The presenters for 2011 are listed below.

Cindy Bee

Georgia Master Beekeeper
Past President and Director, Metro Atlanta Beekeepers
Director, Georgia Beekeepers Association
Swarm recovery and removal
Manages an apiary of about 65 colonies

Jennifer Berry

M.S. Entomology
Apicultural Research Coordinator and Lab Manager at the University of Georgia
2006 President of the Eastern Apicultural Society
Writes a monthly article for Bee Culture magazine

Keith Fielder

Past President, Georgia Beekeepers Association
Master Beekeeper
Certified Welsh Honey Judge
County Extension Agent, Putnam County
Manages an apiary of about 30 colonies
2009 Georgia Beekeeper of the Year

Curtis Gentry, Ph.D.

Ph.D., Entomology, University of Kansas
Peace Corp volunteer and instructor
Author of the beekeeping manual, Small Scale Beekeeping
Beekeeper and instructor at Atlanta Botanical Garden and Oakhurst Community Garden

Jim Ovbey

Retired elementary school principal
Director, Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association
Best in Show, 2008 Georgia Beekeepers Association

Linda Tillman, Ph.D.

Master Beekeeper
Director, Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association
Hobbyist urban beekeeper

Jerry Wallace

President, Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association
Hobbyist urban beekeeper
Winner of numerous awards for extracted and comb honey

P.N. Williams

President, Tara Beekeepers Association
Past President of the Georgia Beekeepers Association
Supplier of beekeeping equipment and hive products